sold-review for: 1200 Humboldt St 1006, Denver, CO



This unit actually ended up selling for more than I had intially expected, I had predicted it would sell for $430,000(check out my listing review for that property here  Part of my reasoning behind this was due to the fact that this unit had no refrigerator and was listed at a high $/sq ft compared to other units in the building that have sold recently.  There was also never a price drop so I think the seller knew they were priced high and wanted to see what a potential buyer would offer, though this is a strategy that has worked in the past it is not the way to price a home in a sellers market.  I believe if this would have been listed at a lower price in the beginning it would have sold for more or at least sooner.  


I think the high sales price speaks to the quality of the upgrades and the fact that most people who want to live in a high rise, especially one right off Cheesman Park, do not want to have to do any upgrades/updates to the unit given the inconvenience of working on a condo in a high rise building.  There is also the possbility that the seller may have caved in and included a refrigerator.  This is a great sale for the area that will push prices higher for turn key condo properties in Cheesman Park with great views and building amenties.





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